Water & Wastewater Industry

Motor reliability is critical when you need around-the-clock operation of purification systems, treatment plants, pump stations and other critical water and wastewater infrastructure.

In addition to reliability, you need to confidently specify a motor for any pump, compressor or fan application that will provide high efficiency levels while exceeding conventional energy saving requirements. Our motors and variable speed drives efficiently control water level, flow and pressure while saving you energy. Our IoT solutions allow you 24/7 real-time monitoring of machine health data with SMS alerts to put you in total control of equipment performance and maintenance.


Water & Wastewater Capabilities

  • Complete product line of motors and drives
  • TECO high efficiency and high power factor motors
    • MAXe3® Premium Severe Duty Motors in stock up to 450kW
    • Low Voltage AC Drives up to 450kW
    • High voltage motors and drives, the perfect matched pair
  • Dedicated customer service and knowledgeable technical support team
  • Superior product reliability
  • Local service and repair capabilities 

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