Oil & Gas

Whether you’re working on an oil lift pump in Queensland's Bowen and Surat basins or a compressor station in the middle of the Indian Ocean in Western Australia, you need a reliable motor that will deliver consistent performance in the harshest environmental conditions. Our motors for the oil and gas market are manufactured to meet or exceed your specification requirements as well as other rigorous industry standards such as IEEE-841, API 541/ 547, API 546 and IECEx.

Material extraction and processing invariably involves operations like pumping, compression, conveying and mixing that depend on mechanical movement. Your facilities require energy-efficient performance within safe, precisely controlled processes. Our equipment portfolio delivers an extensive range of low- and medium-voltage variable frequency drives (VFDs), motors and PLCs that will enable you to exceed these stringent requirements.

Oil and Gas Capabilities

  • Numerous products for upstream, midstream, and downstream market segments in both ISBL and OSBL applications.
  • ​Stringent adherence to the latest international standards, ensuring products are conceptualized and built to the highest safety levels
  • Product solutions that balance initial fixed costs with low total cost of ownership
  • TECO commitment and vision for the industry
  • Service and repair capabilities with a full line of renewal parts
  • High product reliability that reduces MTBF for critical applications
  • Locally certified IECEx operations in Australia, fully QA assured to operate on and modify
    Ex equipment
Products showing below:
  • High Voltage - Hazardous Area
  • Low Voltage Motors - TECO Low Voltage - Teco Max-Ex Hazardous Area Motors
  • Low Voltage Motors - TECO Low Voltage - Teco Flameproof Motors
  • Variable Speed Drive - MV510 Drive
  • Variable Speed Drive – TECO - 3Ph Input, 3Ph Output - A510s