Coal Mines

Mines are globally recognized as being amongst the harshest working environments on the planet. Unforgiving environmental conditions, dust and particulate contamination and strict processes are only some of the common challenges. High ambient temperature, impact loading and voltage transients add to the demand on electrical and rotating equipment. Further, with an ever-constant need for raw materials, with operations running 24/7, the industry requires the equipment used in mining processes to be incredibly safe, rugged, reliable and energy efficient.

Our induction and wound rotor, process and intelligent controls and variable speed drives deliver the performance that’s expected within the smallest possible footprint. Whether it is an above groung or underground mine, TECO has the solution that will provide efficient relaibility at the highest safety levels.


Mining Capabilities

  • Complete product line of motors and drives
  • Suitable for conveyors, sizers, slurry pumps, vibrators and more
  • More thsn 35 years of experience in Australia, Canada, USA and Africa
  • Dedicated customer service and knowledgeable technical support team
  • Service and repair capabilities backed by a large local inventory

 Products showing below:

  • High Voltage Motor - Wound Rotor
  • High Voltage Motor – Squirrel Cage
  • Variable Speed Drive - MV510 Drive
  • Variable Speed Drive – TECO - 3Ph Input, 3Ph Output - A510s
  • Low Voltage Motors - TECO Low Voltage - Max-E3 Mining
  • Low Voltage Motors - TECO Low Voltage - Max-E3 PSD
  • Low Voltage Motors - TECO Low Voltage - Invicta