TECO - The strength of a global brand



For over 60 years we have delivered market leading electrical motors
worldwide. Powering the largest machines in ships, mines, quarries, plants
& refineries. Our strength is diversification with expertise in state of
the art products and services across telecommunications, IT solutions,
automation, wind turbines, electric vehicles and home appliances.


In Australia, we are the market leader in industrial motors and have
been for over 30 years. This has paved the way for our success in home
appliances - air conditioners, fridges, freezers, washing machines and
clothes dryers. We supply to many mine sites and commercial businesses
in the harshest places from the Pilbara to Kalgoorlie to Papua New
Guinea. Our designs, functionality and performance are backed by our inhome
dedicated service network.


Our heavy industrial expertise nurtures our commitment to quality and
reliability in all market leading motors. This foundation has carried over into our
Home Appliances & Air Conditioners. Whether it is an air conditioner for a small
room or a ducted system to cool or heat your entire home - TECO
has you covered with the strength of our global brand and comfort you
can rely on.

Teco Australia is very proud of our heritage and corporate culture. We value our association with our group companies across such a wide spectrum of sectors and industries. Did you know that TECO is reknowned  for it's quality restaurant chains throughout Taiwan and Japan. In 2011, TECO introduced MOS Burger to Queensland and now has several stores through Brisbane and the Gold Coast.  At the forefront of technology, TECO is introducting service robots into their MOS Burger stores as demonstrated at the Smart Home Summit in March 2019 in Taiwan.

Check out our innovative production methods supporting our restaurant supply chain in Taiwan and our service robots helping customers to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2019.