TECO - Driving and Connecting Globally

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TECO - Driving and Connecting Globally

For a company that made it's humble entry into the industrial sector in 1956 as an electric motor manufacturer, TECO has grown exponentially to emerge as a major recognisable force on the world stage.


Today, the TECO Group of Companies comprises a diverse range of six major sectors, including:


  • Industrial Product and System Sector Low & high voltage motors, Mechatronic Components, Power Electric & System Control, Infrastructure Projects.
  • Consumer Appliance and Service Sector Air Conditioners, LCD Televisions, Household Appliances, Hospitality Restaurants.
  • IT and Optronics Product Sector Nanotechnology, Optronics, Creative Sensor, Image Systems.
  • Telecommunications and Service Sector Mobile/Voice/Data Communications, Broadband Wireless and Opto-Electronics Technology.
  • Information System and Service Sector Smart Cards, e-Purse/e-Commerce, IT Services, Biotech Department.
  • Investment and Holding Sector High Speed Railways, Software & Technology Parks, Venture Capital & Investment.


TECO's Visionary Drive

  • » Outstanding Innovation Competence
  • » Drive Technology Forward
  • » Continuous Core Business Development
  • » Competitive Global Operations


TECO - Driving towards a smarter future