TECO Testimonial

Testimonial - In 2017, TECO donated a window/wall room air conditioner to a person in need. In response to this gesture of kindness, TECO received the following testimonial.

Want to thank you again for the air conditioner. It means a lot that my mum has some comfort and also myself and pets. We try to only use on the hottest days and has preformed very well in 41 degree outside heat on 23 degress and low fan inside. Manages to get into the dining room and kitchen without and issue which is a surprise. I believe its because TECO is a good solid build that is made to preform well. Outside has a nice strong hum that other aircons in the area don't have. I have told a number of people the brand and where to buy in Cessnock so hopefully word of mouth works well. 


I wish I could do more but not sure how. So far this year hasn't looked any better for me but if/when it does I will be getting a TECO washing machine and TV. 


I'm sorry to keep bothering you but I am very grateful of what you and TECO have done. 


Thank you a million times.