Packaging Sustainability


TECO Australia's Commitment to Sustainable packaging for Home Appliances

At TECO, Packaging Sustainability is a priority. We are remain committed working with responsible suppliers by choosing more sustainable materials and design options that enable us to meet stakeholder expectations and provide you, the consumer, information on our packaging.
We aim to follow these guidelines :

  • Design for recovery
  • Optimise material efficiency
  • Design to reduce Product waste
  • Eliminate hazardous materials
  • Use recycled materials
  • Use renewable materials
  • Design for transport efficiency
  • Design for accessibility
  • Provide consumer information on environment sustainability
2025 Packaging Targets:
  •  Minimum 50% recyclable content used in home appliance packaging
  •  All  home appliance products to include on-pack labelling for disposal or recovery 
  •  All Appliance Production facilities are to meet the minimum recyclable content target
Action Plans
  • 2022 Action Plan - Click HERE to download