9.8kW Outdoor Unit



Twin rotary DC inverter compressor

High efficiency and low noise.

Hydrophilic condenser fins

Aids maintain heat exchange.

The Strength of a global brand. Comfort you can rely on

TECO stands by our product - from the Port Headland to Port Macqurie, Port Arthur to Port Douglas & Port Darwin to Port Adelaide - TECO has you covered!

More Key Features

Available for 2, 3, 4 or 5 indoor head applications depending on the model.

  • Perfect for either selected rooms or whole
  • house applications with individual room
  • temperature preferences. Condition multiple
  • rooms with only 1x outdoor unit to preserve
  • outdoor appearance.

Twin rotary DC inverter compressors

  • For high effi ciency and low noise.

Hydrophilic coating to outdoor condenser fins

  • Aids in maintaining heat exchange
  • capacity for longer and allows run off
  • of contaminants.


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Power supply Ph-V-Hz 220~240-1-50
Cooling Capacity (Indoor+Outdoor)* W 9850.00
Power Input  (Indoor+Outdoor)* W 2480.00
Rated current    (Indoor+Outdoor)* A 10.94
EER   (Indoor+Outdoor)* W/W 3.97
Standby Power W 18.0
AEER   (Indoor+Outdoor)* W/W 3.88
Heating Capacity  (Indoor+Outdoor)* KW 9900
Power Input   (Indoor+Outdoor)*       KW 2580
Rated current   (Indoor+Outdoor) *   A 11.38
COP   (Indoor+Outdoor)* W/W 3.84
Standby Power W 20.0
ACOP   (Indoor+Outdoor)* W/W 3.74
test data
(Cooling full load)*
Capacity W 9619
Input W 2478
Current A 10.94
EER W/W 3.88
Standby Power W 20.0
AEER         W/W 3.779
SRI   3.057
STAR   3.000
test data
(heating full load)*
Capacity W 9669
Input W 2580
Current A 11.38
COP W/W 3.75
Standby Power W 20.0
ACOP        W/W 3.652
SRI   2.804
STAR   2.500
Max. input consumption         W 3500
Max. current                A 17
Starting current                A 4.0
Compressor Type Twin-Rotary
Brand    GMCC
Model ATF235D22UMT 
Capacity  Btu/h 24345
Input W 1955
Rated current(RLA)  A 6.95
Oil Type POE  VG74
Initial Charge ml 670
Protection   Max. Current Cut-out
  IPM current protection
  High and low Voltage Cut-out
  HP / LP switches
  Cond temp Sensor
  Discharge Tempreture Sensor
Outdoor fan motor Model    ZKFN-120-8-2/WZDK120-38G-W
Qty    1
Brand    Welling
Output W 120
Input W 150
Current A 1.21
Speed         r/min 1050
Speed         r/min 900/750/600
Outdoor air flow             m3/h 3850
Outdoor coil a.Number of rows   2
b.Tube pitch(a)x row pitch(b)   mm 25.4x22
c.Fin spacing                 mm 1.3
d.Fin type (code)   Hydrophilic aluminium
e.Tube outside dia.and type  mm Ф9.52, innergroove tube
f.Coil length x height x width   mm 995x762x44
g.Number of circuits   4
Outdoor noise level  dB(A) 61
Outdoor noise level (sound power)    dB(A) 69
Outdoor unit Dimension(W*D*H) mm 946x410x810
Packing  (W*D*H) mm 1090x500x875
Net/Gross weight   Kg 71/76
Refrigerant Type   R410A
Pre-charged length m 4 x 10
Factory Pre-Charge g 3300
Additional Pre-Charge g/m 15
Design pressure              MPa 4.2/1.5
Refrigerant piping Liquid side 4 x Φ6.35 (1/4")
Gas side 3 x Φ9.52 (3/8") + 1 x Φ12.7 (1/2")
Max. length for all rooms 80
Max. length for one indoor unit 35
Min. length for one indoor unit 12
Max. height difference OU to IU 15
IU to IU  10
Ambient temperature cooling -15~50
heating -25~30