7kW Outdoor Unit



Twin rotary DC inverter compressor

High efficiency and low noise.

Hydrophilic condenser fins

Aids maintain heat exchange.

The Strength of a global brand. Comfort you can rely on

TECO stands by our product - from the Port Headland to Port Macqurie, Port Arthur to Port Douglas & Port Darwin to Port Adelaide - TECO has you covered!

More Key Features

Available for 2, 3, 4 or 5 indoor head applications depending on the model.

  • Perfect for either selected rooms or whole
  • house applications with individual room
  • temperature preferences. Condition multiple
  • rooms with only 1x outdoor unit to preserve
  • outdoor appearance.

Twin rotary DC inverter compressors

  • For high effi ciency and low noise.

Hydrophilic coating to outdoor condenser fins

  • Aids in maintaining heat exchange
  • capacity for longer and allows run off
  • of contaminants.


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Power supply Ph-V-Hz 220~240-1-50
Cooling Capacity (Indoor+Outdoor)* W 7050.00
Power Input  (Indoor+Outdoor)* W 2000.00
Rated current    (Indoor+Outdoor)* A 9.10
EER   (Indoor+Outdoor)* W/W 3.53
Standby Power W 18.0
AEER   (Indoor+Outdoor)* W/W 3.42
Heating Capacity  (Indoor+Outdoor)* KW 7300
Power Input   (Indoor+Outdoor)*       KW 1900
Rated current   (Indoor+Outdoor) *   A 8.43
COP   (Indoor+Outdoor)* W/W 3.84
Standby Power W 20.0
ACOP   (Indoor+Outdoor)* W/W 3.71
test data
(Cooling full load)*
Capacity W 6809
Input W 1912.9
Current A 8.49
EER W/W 3.56
Standby Power W 14.0
AEER         W/W 3.473
SRI   2.447
STAR   2.000
test data
(heating full load)*
Capacity W 7561
Input W 1821.7
Current A 8.09
COP W/W 4.15
Standby Power W 15.0
ACOP        W/W 4.038
SRI   3.576
STAR   3,5
Max. input consumption         W 3000
Max. current                A 14.5
Starting current                A 4
Compressor Type Twin-Rotary
Brand    GMCC
Model ATF235D22UMT 
Capacity  Btu/h 24345
Input W 1955
Rated current(RLA)  A 6.95
Oil Type POE  VG74
Initial Charge ml 670
Protection   Max. Current Cut-out
  IPM current protection
  High and low Voltage Cut-out
  Cond temp Sensor
  Discharge Tempreture Sensor
Outdoor fan motor Model    ZKFN-50-8-2
Qty    1
Brand    Welling
Output W 50
Input W 115
Current A 0.50
Speed         r/min 850
Speed         r/min 765/650/550
Outdoor air flow             m3/h 2500
Outdoor coil a.Number of rows   2
b.Tube pitch(a)x row pitch(b)   mm 25.4x22
c.Fin spacing                 mm 1.4
d.Fin type (code)   Hydrophilic aluminium
e.Tube outside dia.and type  mm Φ9.52,innergroove tube
f.Coil length x height x width   mm 730x660x44
g.Number of circuits   4
Outdoor noise level  dB(A) 60
Outdoor noise level (sound power)    dB(A) 69
Outdoor unit Dimension(W*D*H) mm 845x363x702
Packing  (W*D*H) mm 965x395x755
Net/Gross weight   Kg 55/59
Refrigerant Type   R410A
Pre-charged length m 3 x 10
Factory Pre-Charge g 2620
Additional Pre-Charge g/m 15
Design pressure              MPa 4.2/1.5
Refrigerant piping Liquid side 3 x Φ6.35 (1/4")
Gas side 3x Φ9.52 (3/8")
Max. length for all rooms 60
Max. length for one indoor unit 30
Min. length for one indoor unit 9
Max. height difference OU to IU 15
IU to IU  10
Ambient temperature cooling -15~50
heating -25~30