TECO Multi Split Systems

Custom Designed Comfort

TECO Reverse Cycle DC Inverter Multi-Head Split System Air Conditioners provide a
convenient and economical solution where multiple indoor units are required to service
different rooms in the home. For example, in the kitchen, living room, bedrooms and
rumpus / home office, up to five indoor units can be connected to the largest capacity
outdoor unit.

The TECO DC Inverter Multi-Head Split System indoor units include Wall Mounted Splits,
Mini 4 Way Ceiling Cassettes and Ceiling Concealed Ducted units. Multi-Head systems
are ideal for new or retrofit installations in both single and double story residences and
apartments where space for the outdoor is often restricted.

Further, your TECO DC Inverter Multi-Head Split System allows you to customise
individual temperature requirements from each indoor unit; when operating in the same
mode. Enjoy the convenience of selecting your chosen temperature in your space or room;
while your family selects their desired temperature in their area. This also minimises energy
consumption through customised climate control in each location.
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