2.7kW Window / Wall Room Air Conditioner

Simple operation

Control with a touch of a button

More Key Features

Wireless Remote

  • The convenient wireless remote lets you power on and off, set and adjust the air conditioner
  • settings from the comfort of your arm chair.

Dual Drainage

  • Multiple drainage points assist with providing efficient drainage.

Sling System

  • Condensate water that develops while in cooling mode is reused by the Sling System fan to agitate the water onto the condenser. This
  • assists to increase efficiency and reduces the need for drainage in Cooling mode. *Excessive humidity may generate the need for
  • condensate to be drained away.

Fresh Air Switch

  • This feature draws fresh air from outside and expels air from inside.

Left & Right Auto Air Flow

  • Ensures even air flow distribution.

Removable Panel

  • The front panel can be removed to easily access for cleaning.

Sliding Chasis

  • Installation and servicing is made easy with the slide out casing.

Rotary Compressor

  • With a rotary compressor, noise and vibration is reduced.


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