Teco Emotron F33

LV Variable Speed Drives

IP54Energy Saving

Key Features

  • Applications
    • Pumps
    • Fans
    • Compressors
    • Blowers
    • Normal Duty Application
  • Main features
    • Soft starts minimize start current and linear stops prevent water hammer
    • Built-in braking functionality ensures quick and safe stops of mills and saws without mechanical brakes
    • Energy saving function pause the motor when it is not needed to run to keep up pressure.
    • Efficiency is increased by setting the pump to run at full speed at certain intervals to rinse out sludge
    • One Teco JNFX can control up to seven Motors without external control systems.
    • Operation parameters can be set in your process unit, for example m3/min, bar or Pascal.
    • Removable control panel with own memory means it is easy to transfer or copy settings.
    • Robust IP54 steel construction offers cost-efficient installation close to the application.

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