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TECO Low Noise and Low Loss transformers are innovative products customised to your specifications and needs. When it comes to mining, infrastructure and power stations our products tick all the boxes. Our onsite expertise for installation and commissioning is ready and waiting. See details of our transformer product range following.

Distribution Transformers
*** Capacity and Range 69kV and 25MVA
*** Long operating life
*** High reliability
*** Ultra low noise transformers
*** 48dB total noise (no-load noise + load noise) at 25MVA

Power Transformers
*** Capacity and Range 400kV and 775MVA
*** Great mechanical short circuit strength
*** High technology software analysis
*** Low noise levels
*** Easy inspection and maintenance

Cast Resin Transformers
*** Capacity and Range 36kV and 10MVA
*** Great mechanical strength against short circuit
      and lightning impulse
*** Resistance to harsh ambient conditions
*** High short time overload capacity
*** Self extinguishing and non-explosive
*** Easy maintenance and installation
*** Overload capacity

Amorphous Metal Core Transformers
*** Capacity and Range 36kV and 3MVA
*** Low core loss
*** High efficiency
*** Long operating life
*** Overload capacity
*** Energy conservation
*** Great anti-harmonic ability

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