TECO MV510 Medium Voltage

Key Features

TECO is pleased to now offer a complete package of Variable Speed Drive (VSD) systems that includes an Input/ Output Switchgear, Medium Voltage Drive (MVD), and motors. 

MV510 provide reliable motor control for a variety of industry specific and general purpose applications including Oil & Gas, Utility/ Power Generation, Metals and Mines. TECO MV510 is designed utilizing a multilevel H-Bridge topology that reduces the harmonic levels to extremely low levels. The modular design facilitates ease of installation, commissioning and maintenance.
  • Quick and Easy Installation There are configurable power cable entries/exits on the top, bottom, or both. There are no field cabling requirements to connect the assembled Mains and Slice sections.
  • Serviceability Modular design requires few spare parts. Additionally, the parts are universal and can be used in any configuration regardless of the voltage or power class.
  • Multilevel, Cascaded, H-Bridge Topology This produces near sinusoidal wave output which reduces motor harmonics and torque pulsation, even at low speeds with virtually no cable length restriction.
  • Ultra Low Line-Side Harmonics These harmonics are fully compatible with new or existing motor installations without the need for an external filter and exceed IEEE-519 standard requirements.
  • One Drive for Multiple Motors The MV510 can start multiple motors and transfer them synchronously to utility lines and back to the drive.
  • Industry Standard Ethernet Modbus Communication Standard protocol allows the MV510 to easily communicate with various SCADA or DCS systems.

3.3kV, 6.6kV and 11kV

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