Wound Rotor

Key Features

TECO Wound Rotor Motors are custom designed to each customer's specific application. Because of their design versatility and high operating efficiences, TECO Wound Rotor Motors are the logical choice for a multitude of industries including mining, pulp and paper, electric utilities, sugar, water & waste, marine and  steel.

TECO Wound Rotor Motors are built to last. Great design versatility to meet mechanical, electrical design and also be a drop and replacement machine for any existing application. Crown Series complies with all relevant international standards and incorporate the latest advances in insulation materials.

From simple to complex designs, TECO motors combine cost-efficient standardized designs and short lead times with safety, productivity, energy efficiency and reliability. TECO Wound Rotor Motors minimize mechanical stress at starting, increasing the lifetime of your driven equipment.


Product Overview

250 up to 15,000kW
Number of Poles: 
4 to 12
Cooling method:
Degree of Protection:
IP54 to IP65
355 up to 1250
Ambient temperature: 
40 °C
Elevation: 1000m above sea level
Service factor:
1.0 @ 40 deg C ambient
Up to 13,800V
Insulation Class:
“F” insulation (ΔT = 80K)
Continuous duty: 
Thermal protection:
As per customer specification
Anti-friction Bearings , Sleeve bearings
Frame Material: 
Fabricated Steeel
As per customer specification

Options Available

Altitude above 1000 m (on request)
Aluminum, copper or brass rotor
Ambient temperature above 40 °C 
Base: rail, sliding base, extended feet, rebuilt feet, anchorage plate
Bearing thermometer with gauge with/without contacts
Brush Lifting System
Cable gland in the terminal box entrance
Class of insulation: H
Cooling: Forced ventilated, Air-to-water heat exchanger
CT for differential and integral protection
Electrically insulated bearing
Grounding brush on drive end bearing
Independent hydraulic oil circulation system for sleeve bearing
Mountings: Vertical, Horizontal, Foot and Flange, Flange, 
NEMA Standard
Noise suppressor in the air inlet and outlet
Non-reversion ratchet
Multiple accessory terminal boxes
Power factor correction capacitors
Protection against voltage surge: Lighting arrestors and Capacitors
Service Factor: 1.15
Shaft: Special dimensions, double shaft end, tapered, hollow, special steel
Signal transducer
Sleeve bearing
Special balance
Special bearing (overdesigned) for axial or radial thrust
Special painting
Steel welded terminal box in different sizes, based on internal available space
Temperature detector: Thermistor (PTC or NTC)
Temperature detector: Thermostat (Bimetallic)
Two energized power terminal boxes
Vibration detector

From 380V to 13,800V

TECO Wound Rotor Motors Motors are designed to last.

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