Key Features

TECO Synchronous Motors and Generators provide superior value in terms of proven reliability, low maintenance performance and long life in any application.

Our synchronous machines offer numerous benefits including:

  • Constant-speed operation

  • High efficiency ratings

  • Low inrush currents

  • Leading power factor (for corrective KVA capability)

These features make them the optimal choice for many industrial drive applications.

Power factor improvement is one of the most attractive considerations in selecting a synchronous machine. Synchronous motors operate at leading power factors and are available with rated power factors ranging from unity to leading. Thus they can produce substantial savings by supplying kvar’s to counteract lagging power caused by other inductive loads.




TECO Synchronous Machines are customized to the specific requirements of each application. Because of their unique features, high operating efficiencies, and adaptability to all working environments, synchronous motors and generators are the logical choice for a multitude of industries. These include pulp and paper processing, electric utility, marine, water and wastewater treatment, chemical and petrochemical, steel, mining, cement, and air separation.

Synchronous machines can be found wherever there is a demand for highly efficient, cost-effective, dependable machines. They are frequently used for rolling, ball and sag mills, chippers, mixers, pulp refiners, pumps, fans, and compressor (reprocating and centrifical) drives.

They can be furnished with adjustable frequency drives (PWM, LCI, and Cyclo-converter) or soft starters for speed regulation.

With all of the advancements made in adjustable frequency drive technology, the variable speed synchronous motor is a logical choice for applications requiring high torque at low speed with a high-speed range.

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