TV Firmware Updates


Model No.

EA32P1PM, EA32P1PM11, EA32D1PM, EA32D1PM11


MFG codes:

#BA-06054 ~ 06080 & BBB-06082 (# = 1~0, A~Z)

Firmware .bin files:

EA32P1PM and EA32P1PM11 - Download firmware
EA32D1PM and EA32P1PM11 - Download firmware


Improve intermittent flickering issue with 720p broadcast


1. Save new firmware to a USB drive (Please remove all other files from the USB device incase of conflict during update).
2. Plug the USB drive to USB port at the rear of the TV. (Fig.1).
3. Press and Hold the Power button on the TV (Fig.2) until
the TV screen turns RED. (Fig.3).
4. TV will automatically turn to Standby once update
5. Unplug the USB drive. Update completed


All TV settings will be erase during update. Please rescan and reset your prefer settings after the update.

Please contact TECO Service on 1300 660 037 for any enquiries